Our Process

Our members go through the following journey with us, based on what they would like help with:

Free Trial Process – we have a Discovery Session to map out your goals & priorities, and then a Roadmap Session to show how you can achieve those goals. There is no cost with this, the goal is to get to know each other and if it is worthwhile working together.

Blueprint Program – this is where we design your financial future. It’s like an architect designing the financial building, where we can look into a range of scenarios & model the ideal financial outcomes for you. The price for this generally ranges between $1,800 and $2,600 depending on your situation.

The Build Phase – this is where we bring the Blueprint to life. We touch on every area of your finances to make sure things are set up properly and build your financial literacy & confidence along the way. We have a ‘Do it with you’ rather than ‘Do it for you’ philosophy so you are involved in each step but the heavy lifting is done by us. We aim to complete this phase in 6 months. The price for this is based on the Blueprint.

Ongoing Care – for people wanting to continue to build towards financial security & ultimately financial freedom. It is subscription based & where progress really takes off.

A word from our Co-Founder