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As your life changes, what you need in a home changes too. With some help, you can take the next step

Home upgraders financial advice

Need more space for a home office, your expanding indoor plant collection or a baby on the way? You’re a next home buyer – and we’re here to help you work out what’s possible, and make your next great move happen.

With your first purchase under your belt, you know about home ownership and mortgages, but upgrading is still a big deal. As a decent financial step up, you need the right advice and approach to stay in the know, in control and on the hunt for your perfect new home.

Let’s talk home upgrades.

How can Finnacle help with
buying a second home?

Know what you want

What do you want out of this new home? More bedrooms and bathrooms? A garage? More entertaining space or a new neighbourhood? By knowing what you want you can work out how much it will cost you

Do your research

Jump online and see what’s out there. Look at previous sale prices of properties that you like, in areas that you want to live in – or attend some auctions and experience the excitement of the property market firsthand

This is where
Finnacle comes in...

Now you know what you want and where, you need to know how to get those keys in your hands. That’s where we come in. Talk to one of our financial advisors about what it means to be a next home buyer – and how to make that life-changing upgrade you’ve been waiting for


1. Start with a quick chat

Book in a quick phone call to tell us more about who you are and to make sure we’re the right fit for you


2. Discovery Call

Start with a Zoom call so we can get to know what your goals are and show you new ways to take control of your cash


3. Budget Q&A

Tracking your income and expenses is simple, we just need to find out how you save and spend


4. Roadmap Session

This is where the rubber hits the road. On this call, we’ll discuss a plan to get you where you need to be


5. Become a member!

Choose your subscription package and we’ll help you put your plan into action. You can upgrade or cancel at any time

Engage with team of
financial specialists

We’ll do the heavy lifting & help bring it all to life
(without breaking the bank)


Get a financial roadmap

Every financial decision you make could take your life down a different path. So we’ll show you what different options mean, and create your financial roadmap to make sure you don’t get lost along the way


Tackle your tax

We’ll help you work out how much and where to invest, so you make the most from your tax entitlements while building your portfolio


Manage your income

Your income is one of the most valuable things in your life. Whether you’re on a professional salary, self-employed or juggling multiple gigs, we’ll help you make the most of it


Track your savings

Our income & expenses app MyProsperity makes it super simple to see where your money is going, and make sure you’re on track with your goals


Plan your property purchase

This could be the difference between having a home to call your own, or renting forever. We’ll also help you work through Price point, Suburb selection, Grants & schemes, and answer all the big questions


Plan your loan

Plans are what make dreams possible. Our mortgage brokers will help you work through how much you can borrow,  the deposit you need and which bank is right for your situation


Multiply your money

Start with just a few $100 a month in an investment fund and with the right risk and return trade-off, you could be on your way to a $50,000 share portfolio


Sort out super

It’s everyone’s dream come true, an investment tool that straightens out your retirement and saves you tax too. We’ll help you take advantage of it – after all, it’s called super for a good reason


Manage risks

Life is unpredictable, so you need a safety net in the form of savings and insurance. You can always rest easier with a Plan B in place


Get your loans sorted

Yes, we can even help with your loan application – whether it’s your first home or an investment property. Our mortgage brokers will work to find solutions that with your financial plan

Congratulations... YOU'RE A NEXT HOME BUYER!

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Most tenders now require a deposit of at least 5% of the purchase price of the property. If you are able to save 20% of the value of the home you will Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI). This is unrealistic for most however, so at Finnacle we generally aim for around a 10% deposit.

This is the amount that you need to pay out of your savings. Banks like to see that you have been able to save over time as this shows that you are more likely to pay the mortgage off comfortably. Most lenders don’t allow you to borrow the full amount of the property.

LMI is insurance that the banks take up to protect themselves if you are borrowing more than 80% of the property’s value. The cost of the insurance is passed on to you and is based on the property value and the % of the property that you are borrowing (known as Loan to Value Ratio – LVR). The insurance protects the bank against any shortfall in the sale price compared to your purchase price if you are not able to make your repayments and they need to re-possess and sell the property to recoup the loan.

We generally recommend using the services of a Mortgage Broker to ‘shop around’ for the most suitable loan for you. Banks are only able to recommend their loans and products, whereas a Mortgage Broker can investigate many banks and lenders. There may be times where going directly to your bank is worthwhile, for example if you are a staff member and get discounts, and we would let you know if this is the case.