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Our income & expenses app Prosperity makes it super simple to see where your money is going, and make sure you’re on track with those goals.

What is it?

Have you ever been at work on Monday and wondered if Friday would ever come? With a mountain of work and so much to do, the weekend can seem like it’s a world away. But when you break it down and take little steps – start ticking jobs off your to-do list – Friday arvo arrives in no time at all. This module is all about celebrating those little wins as you build towards your big savings goals. We use technology specifically designed to monitor your assets & money habits, so staying in control of your financial life is a breeze! And best of all, there’s no need to do this manually – tracking your targets can be automated, so you can check on your progress in real -time!

Why is it important to do?

The truth is, saving takes time. But what we save is what we can invest. What we invest is what we can grow. And what we grow is what can change our lives. We can’t achieve big results overnight, but we can keep track of our progress and celebrate every little milestone we reach as a big success.

The key to this module is reminding you what the number in your account represents. It could be a deposit for your first home or paying off your mortgage once and for all. It could be for a well-earned holiday or a nest egg for your kids’ future. Whatever it is, it’s WHY you’re saving that drives you. And it’s what drives us to support you too.

It starts right here

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Do you know how much you could save?

Find out if the amount you save now and the amount leftover each month match up (Hint: try our budgeting tool to see your income, expenses & what’s leftover)


You’re at the start of your journey

Let’s set things up properly from the start and get your saving GPS tracking the right things! Complete a budget to find our how much you can save (and cut back on some expenses if needed), set up a regular savings plan and start monitoring your progress.


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