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Yes, we can even help with your loan application – whether it’s your first home or an investment property. Our mortgage brokers will work to find solutions that work with your financial plan

What is it?

“They did a great job, it’s a photo finish! And now, it’s all in the hands of the judges.” They’re nervous words to hear, waiting for a decision to come through. You’ve done everything you can, all the hard work, but now things are out of your control…

But what if they weren’t?

When you’ve made an offer on your dream property and gotten the green light from the seller, the last hurdle in your way is loan approval. And with the finish line in sight, it would feel bizarre leaving such a big moment to chance. In this module, we’re there for you when it matters most. Whether it’s pre-approval on your loan or finalising your lender, we’ll be in your corner working till the dust settles and getting you home in first place! When it comes to a win with your finances, there’s no better feeling than this.

Why is it
important to do?

Your loan application is like making a great movie. And if our plan your loan module was the filming process, then this module would be where the special effects crew turn your ideas into a financial blockbuster! It’s all hands on deck as our mortgage broking team work behind the scenes with our network of banks, solicitors and insurers. Together, they give your application the final push it needs to get over the line. With a rave review from your lender and a loan secured, you can focus on enjoying the excitement of becoming a new homeowner. Roll the credits!

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Has the offer been accepted with the terms you offered?

This means you’ve almost secured the property you’re after, so when the contract is signed, it’s time to organise your loan!


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on your way!

By now you’re getting really close to the make-or-break moment. While you finalise your negotiations with the seller, it’s critical to go over the contracts with your solicitor and make sure you are satisfied and prepared for the financial consequences of sealing the deal.


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