Sort out Your Super

It’s everyone’s dream come true, an investment tool that straightens out your retirement and saves you tax too. We’ll help you take advantage of it – after all, it’s called super for a good reason.

What is it?

It would be far too easy to simply call Super a retirement fund – it’s so much more than that. It’s the ultimate savings vehicle for your retirement, and the opportunity to buy a first home. It’s a tax saving machine, letting you keep more of the money you earn. Super is an investment option, putting your money to work and increasing returns on your savings. It’s a guarantee of security in your retirement phase, to enjoy all the fruits of your labour. Super, it’s… it’s… well, it’s all in the name really.

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Why is it important to do?

Parkinson’s Law says that: any task will expand to fill its allocated time. In other words, the longer you give yourself to complete a job, the longer you’ll take to get around to doing it. When it comes to sorting your super, it’s easy to set a timeframe of “Before I retire”. But funding your retirement can’t be done at the last minute. With a decision to sort your super today and our help to make a few Super changes, you can rest easy, all set up for your golden years.

It starts right here

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Question 3 of 5

Is your current fund good for you, based on the fees, risk and investment returns?

Do your Super preferences match your fund? An easy way to check your fund’s performance is the YourSuper comparison tool on the ATO website. Use it to see how your fund compares to other options.


You’re at the start of your journey

Start by finding out your current balance, getting online access to your fund and seeing how your money is invested. We can use this information to assess your Super fund needs and compare with other funds to find the right option for you.


What should I do next?

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