Plan Your Property Purchase

This could be the difference between having a home to call your own, or renting forever. We’ll also help you work through price point, suburb selection and any grants & schemes you’re eligible for.

What is it ?

Whether it’s your first home, next home or an investment, this module is here to help you map out what your dream property will look like. We’ll help you plan inside and out, from how many bedrooms or bathrooms you need, to the suburb you want to call home. We’ll also cover what’s important for your investment property and which locations have good rental yields to give you the best bang for your buck!

Note: This module combines with our ‘Plan your Loan’ module to help select the right property for you.

Why is it important to do?

When we go shopping for groceries, most of us write out a list. That way, we’ve gotten everything we need when we arrive at the checkout. When you go property shopping, having your list ready is even more important. Buying a property is a big purchase so (unlike your groceries) you can’t pop back to the corner store if there’s something you’ve forgotten! We make sure you’ve got a plan that covers all bases before you start searching. That way, you can be confident your property will be comfortable, suit your needs and affordable for your budget.

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It is best to have a few irons in the fire, in case you miss out on one or two of the properties you are looking at. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket if you can help it.


You’re ready to hit the road!

Great work! Now it’s time to start reaching out to agents and viewing properties if you are going to live there. At this stage you should have an idea of the cost, and it is ideal to be planning your loan at the same time as you’re planning your property, to make sure they match up. Check it out in our plan your loan section here.


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