Plan Your Loan

Plans are what make dreams possible. Our mortgage brokers will help you work through how much you can borrow,  the deposit you need and which bank is right for your situation.

What is it?

When you set a fitness goal, the first day in the gym is exciting. You’ve got your target, heaps of motivation and just one nagging question – what do I need to reach my goal? It’s a simple question, but one you want to get right before you start. So you ask a trainer, an expert in the industry, this same question:

What do I need to reach my goal?

When you find your ideal home down the track, chances are you’ll need a loan. But before you apply, you need to be in tip-top financial shape to secure the loan you’re after. So, this module is all about working out (but don’t stress – there’s no exercise involved). After looking at your situation, our mortgage broking team will start working out what you need to reach your goal. To get you ready when the time comes to lock-in your application. We’ll work out the size of your loan, the deposit you’ll need and even government grants to assist you! We’ll even work out your long-term plans, so future lending can stay hassle free.

A home loan can be the biggest financial commitment you make – that’s why our biggest commitment is supporting you all the way.

Why is it important to do?

When you’re travelling and you need to catch a flight, it always feels like the pressure is on. After all, a sudden traffic jam or a lost passport can be the difference between making or missing your plane! The same is true when planning your loan. A last-minute rush means there’s rarely time to fix mistakes – and it might cost you a chance to secure your loan! That’s why this module exists, covering all bases as you prepare to apply for a life-changing loan. With us, your bags will be packed by the door and the taxi will be waiting as we check off each milestone and get closer to having your application ready. That way, you can be confident you’ll secure the loan you’re after and catch your financial flight right on time. Bon voyage!

The key to this module is reminding you what the number in your account represents. It could be a deposit for your first home or paying off your mortgage once and for all. It could be for a well-earned holiday or a nest egg for your kids’ future. Whatever it is, it’s WHY you’re saving that drives you. And it’s what drives us to support you too.

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From lowering deposits to reducing costs like stamp duty, government schemes or lender offers can really help you with buying your property


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Knowing what property you are after is critical to the size of the loan you’ll need. You can do plenty of research into the location and price range you are comfortable with, as well as the government grants that can help you get a loan. A great place to start is our plan your property module, which lets you chat with our team of advisors about your situation and your property goals.


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